Short and Sweet: Two Types

An observation in 100 of fewer words:

In the most basic sense, there are two types of people in the world.  Type One makes the bed faithfully every morning.  By chance, if they ever noticed that their bed somehow remained unmade later in the day, they'd still be compelled to make it before sleeping in it -- even if they were going to bed in less than an hour.

Type Two does not and would not.

Inevitably, Type One's and Type Two's marry each other.

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  1. Sarah MommyO'ThreeNovember 08, 2011

    This is ME! I am the bed-maker, even if I am about to get into it that night, and just made it an hour before.
    But, that rarely happens, I ALWAYS make the bed...I will run late for something, before I leave the house without making the bed!

  2. Ditto to Sarah's comment above!

  3. ::sigh:: there are two type two's in this house. I admit it. I just shut the bedroom door.

  4. this is funny, and so right on.
    I am a one, and indeed, my husband is a two.
    He loves to quote the comedian Jim Gaffigan who compares making your bed to taking off your tennis shoes and THEN tying them. Ha.
    Thanks, and aloha,

  5. Oh no.... I hope I don't *become* a person who actually does start tying my tennis shoes after taking them off! ;)


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