The Joy of Being Prepared

I've been contemplating purchasing rain boots for a while now.  To be accurate, I've been contemplating this for the past five years.  (Obviously, I wasn't moving too quickly on this impulse.)  But I finally took the plunge, bought myself a pair, and then waited for it to rain.

Do you know how nice it is to walk in the rain when you're wearing rain boots?

It makes inclement weather much more pleasant.  When I wear my rain boots, I feel prepared.  I feel protected.  I don't need to tiptoe around puddles or worry about the hem of my pants being saturated when I come back inside.  I can plow right through, not a care in the world.

This past week I was off work for Thanksgiving break.  In between family gatherings, I've played a little bit of catch-up with my life.  I organized a few closets and sorted the girls' clothing.  I browsed our digital pictures and printed some copies of my favorites.  I sifted through paperwork and tended to correspondence.  I made legible to-do lists and updated our calendar so I know what's ahead for the next few weeks.

I wouldn't say that I'm caught up, but I'm hoping that I'll be a step ahead when I return to the regular routine tomorrow.  I'm hoping that I'll feel prepared, rather than frazzled, hanging on by a thread, living-on-the-edge as if everything will collapse (myself included) if one more obligation is added into the mix.

Getting caught up on the little things actually is a big thing; it enables you to be prepared.  When birthday presents are bought and wrapped days -- not minutes -- in advance of a birthday party, when the dishwasher is emptied after dinner instead of picked through the next morning before breakfast, and when I know what dinner will be before I actually arrive at dinner time, I feel like I'm bringing my A game.

It's like wearing rain boots.  I can handle the rain when I'm prepared.

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  1. Another fantastic thought. This one is on my mind a lot recently because our pastor did a talk about how it's impossible to plan for everything, but we can definitely be prepared. You must correspond with him. :)

  2. Excellent post. We rearranged some rooms and furniture yesterday which achieved a type of preparation I had been looking for for quite some time. I find that success begets success, and for me, being prepared is success!

  3. Love it! I talked to my first grade sunday School class today about how Advent is a season of preparing for something special. The whole time, I was thinking about all the preparing I need to do!

  4. Here in Alaska boots are as important to the wardrobe as under ware! It's very messy here; so boots are essential for all ages. Everyone has their Xtra-Tuffs and they wear them everywhere, and I do mean EVERYWHERE! It is not unusual or considered gauche to wear them to church or even weddings!


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