You Don't Have to Ask Me Twice

While I may not be the quickest decision-maker, there are some questions that I wouldn't have to think twice about before answering.

Say, for example, someone wanted to exempt me from one parenting duty for life.  I would spit out "bath time" faster than most people can blink.  I can handle diapers.  I can handle the painstaking process of clipping tiny fingernails and toenails, even when a child is plotting escape.  I can deal with folding tons of baby, toddler, and child-sized laundry.

More than any other routine, bath time exhausts me.  Sure, after baths the girls are so fresh and sweet and pretty-smelling -- and I simply love how their hair look when freshly washed and combed -- and did I mention that I have this thing for lavender-scented baby bath wash?  Despite this, after bath time, I'm bedraggled -- tired, wet, and sometimes battling premature gray hairs due to scenarios such as this.

If someone offered you exemption from one parenting duty, what would your choice be?

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  1. Laundry, hands down. I can never, ever keep up with it. And then, the kids have the nerve to GROW and require whole new sets of clothing that will constantly find itself into a giant wrinkled pile that either needs to be washed, dried, or hung up. PLEASE, let's finally all agree on a stain-and-wrinkle-resistant uniform for kids already!

  2. Booger Patrol. No doubt about it. I can handle poop from the floor to ceiling, but I cannot stand snot, boogers, anything with a boogery texture, or anything that may have been a booger in a past life. Seriously, I'm gagging right now.

  3. I'm completely with you! Bath time is a whip every night. I was hoping it gets easier (my twins are 11 mos.), but after reading your post, I'm guessing it doesn't. I am always wet, bedraggled, and stooped at the end of the evening. I dread bath time.

  4. Meal planning. I don't mind cooking it or shopping for it but I loathe planning for it. My children all like different things and are very picky. I have to watch the ingredients for me because of my never ending battle with weight loss. (If I could make cheesy casseroles all week my kids would be in heaven) My husband is the easiest to please bless his heart. I always said if I ever struck it rich I would leave the meal planning to someone else and I'd be rich so they could prepare it too...

  5. That's a good one... I could write an additional blog entry about meal planning myself! You nailed it, Ms. Prince. I don't mind cooking, but I have a hard time planning ahead in a systematic fashion.

  6. That's a tough one. I think it might have to chooses dishes. They are just as never-ending as the laundry. As soon as I load the dishwasher and walk away, more dirty ones appear int he sink! Not to mention the cups and bowls I find scattered around my house - ugh! However, all the other things listed - meals, laundry, bathtime,and booger patrol woud run a close second place!! ;-)


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