In case you were wondering what six-year-old hands would look like after they spent a half hour cracking open a bucket full of walnuts that they painstakingly had collected from their grandparent's yard, wonder no more. They look like this:

That is, they look like this after you've washed and scrubbed them, let them soak in the bathtub until they were sufficiently pruney, and let three days pass.  They look a little worse the actual day of the walnut-cracking.

I have a newfound respect for walnuts.  Don't mess with them.  They've got staying power.

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  1. Ok, so, the best way to shuck walnuts is to put all the walnuts in the driveway and just let them sit for a couple of days while the car drives over them as you come and go. That incredibly nasty covering will come off on its own, leaving you with the nut in the shell. And no hands like that. I'm so sorry. :)

  2. Thanks for the great advice, wise one who knows how to shuck walnuts. ;)

    For Reese, I think part of the fun in this science experiment of hers WAS the dirty hands...

  3. I would guess they were used to make dye by some wise peoples, somewhere!


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