The Weekend that Didn't Quit

If I were my oldest daughter, I would have had so much to report to my friends on the school bus and the playground this morning.  Our weekend was awesome.  (Pause here while I kiss my hand and plant it firmly on my forehead in some parental self-congratulatory loving.)

I'm not sure if it would be possible to fit in any more goodness.  On Saturday morning I took the girls on a nature walk and we discovered a fuzzy caterpillar.  In the girls' world, this is huge.  It was worthy of ten uninterrupted minutes of inspection, one long ceremony where he as carried on a leaf to a safe new home, and best of all, it allowed me to stand perfectly still and enjoy the first hint of fall in the air, to listen to the unmistakable sound of a few dry leaves swirling along the pavement.

On Saturday night, Reese went to a sleepover at a friend's house where she ate pizza and chips and a donut, watched a movie, and then attended a special church service as her friend's guest on Sunday morning.  She's still experiencing some degree of sugar high.

To top it off, on Sunday afternoon we took the whole family to a small local amusement park for its final day of the season.  It was Harvest Festival, which meant that there was a plethora of fried foods, craft booths, and rural entertainment, including, but not limited to a Civil War reenactment and a team of men carving animal statues from tree stumps with chainsaws.

Of course, we were just there for the rides.  And just a bit for the food.  It'll be a long time before we taste festival food again.

Welcome, fall.

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