Short and Sweet: Backseat Driver

When children become backseat drivers in 100 or fewer words:

I'm driving with the girls, and for once the entire van is silent.  There's no talking, no yelling, and no singing -- just the sound of Kerrington sucking her thumb.  It's bliss.

Brooke sees her opening.

"Mom!"  (Most everything she utters is exclamatory.)


"Don't bump into that other car!"  She points to the single oncoming vehicle urgently.  "And stay on the road!"

For a backseat driver, she's aiming relatively low, I think.

"You're welcome!" Brooke responds, satisfied, when we successfully pass the car without colliding or veering onto the berm.

Obviously, I couldn't have done it without her.

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  1. Ok, Robin. Your words TOTALLY brought this to mind:


  2. I've never seen this! My favorite line: "Sometimes I go a whole day without ever touching the ground." Classic!

  3. Priceless. I love those kinds of conversations.

  4. I don't know you, but I found your blog recently and think it's great. :) I love when moms can connect through blogging and realize our children aren't the only ones drinking from the toilet ;) My kids tell me how to drive all the time. It gets especially disappointing when they tell me to chase a fire engine and I don't. :) And I wanted to tell you congrats on your half, I have run a few races (i am not very fast!) and cannot believe you passed out!!!!! It made for a GREAT story!!! :)

  5. Erika, thanks so much for your comment! You know, I've had more mothers tell me about their own kids encounters with toilet water, so suffice to say, we're certainly not alone.

    About passing out during the half-marathon... I certainly didn't expect or desire it, but you make a valid point: it DOES make for a better story than a typical crossing of the finish line would.

    (Anything for a good blog post, I tell you, anything for the blog...)


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