Short and Sweet: Aim

A lesson on wiping noses in 100 or fewer words:

Her fever is gone, but Kerrington still shows lingering signs of last week's cold.  Her nose drips at the most inopportune times, like while I'm holding her on my hip and wearing a fresh shirt.  From this vantage point her face directly aligns with my shoulder.  She uses me as a Kleenex, leaving snail-like horizontal streaks.

The key lesson in wiping noses is this: never aim directly for the nose.  This is an art, not a science.  Be one step ahead.  Aim left or right (a child always flinches in one of these directions), and you have a 50% shot of actually connecting.

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  1. Poor baby! Mommy! Poor Mommy's shirt!

  2. Sophie has a cold too. I'm sorry, but I'm so, so glad that she's five.


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