Scrapbook Paper Wall Art

I enjoy decorating our house, especially doing so creatively on a budget.  Thanks to an artistic mother-in-law who brims with ideas, I created a few of my own wall art pieces, leading me to today's How To post.

Using an assortment of scrapbook paper and a glue stick, I created complimentary day and night neighborhood scenes.  First I prepared the background by laying out scrapbook paper for the ground and the sky, and then like Bob Ross, I planted happy little trees and houses along the hillsides.

Unlike Bob Ross, however, I didn't talk in a soothing voice about burnt ochre, vandyke brown, or tapping fan brushes during the process.

Once the scenes were laid out, I secured them in oversized matching frames.

They're cheerful for a kid's room, don't you think?

Considering that I had the supplies out, I decided to create a decoration for our bathroom, too.  I selected a few sheets of scrapbook paper that complimented our shower curtain, cut circles using a cool circle-cutter, adhered the circles to paper, and popped the paper into a three-slotted frame.

In roughly twenty minutes, I had this:

Simple, cost-effective, readily changeable for those afraid of decorative commitment, and easy to match any color schemes, given the variety of paper you can find.  Enjoy!

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  1. I have my older 2 kids' artwork framed. I love using their artwork from school as Wall Art. It is cheap! I have a blog post about this on my blog. I love what you did! I love the silver frame.

  2. That's brilliant! I have enough scrapbook paper to fill the house with framed art. I love this idea.

    (I also always loved Bob's "happy mistakes."

  3. Great ideas! I, too, have so much scrapbook paper! I never thought of doing stuff like this!

  4. I love these! I need to do something like this, too. They came out beautifully. I saw you at Top Mommy Blogs and am your newest follower on GFC and Twitter. Have a good one!


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