A Nose-Up

I've never been one to ease into things.  I'm more a full-throttle type of gal.  Although it might take me a while to make a decision, once I'm committed, I'm committed.  Period.

You might call it focused.  You might call it strong-willed, or driven, or Type A.

Whatever you call it, I see it in my oldest daughter.  (To borrow a phrase from a friend, when you put the two of us in a room, it's the impenetrable force verses the immovable object.)  The girl's got grit.  This will serve her well in life, I remind myself as we work to mold this attribute for good -- say, productive leadership and resistance to peer pressure; rather than for evil -- namely, becoming a dictator of a small country.

She takes this drive to everything she does.  She's conquered the monkey bars both forward and backward, and now she's out to master chin-ups.  When she saw these pictures, she commented, "I'm only at a nose-up, not a chin-up yet.  You've got to take me to the park so I can practice some more."

I don't think anything is going to stop this little girl.

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  1. That's absolutely awesome. I hold your young lady in high regard for her tenacity. I, too, am attempting to mold a young dictator into something positive. Good luck!

  2. I LOVE your girl! She's exactly how I want to be when I grow up!

  3. What an awesome trait for your little girl to have developed! Do you plan on enrolling her in Girl Scouts or something similar in nature to help develop it?

  4. Mom Chef, good luck to you as well!

    Sandra, I have a feeling that you have grown up to be that girl! ;)

    Becca, she's not yet in any formal activities, but as long as she has some monkey bars nearby, she's golden.


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