Battle Scars: The Mark of Bravery

Two weekends ago I was at a graduation party eating chips and salsa, watching the girls play with their little friends, and enjoying good company.  Tethered on a cord in the corner of a yard, the family's dog was resting in the shade.  A young boy tossed a ball to the dog.

In the split second before the dog took off, I surveyed the scene: a half dozen unsuspecting children about to be clotheslined by a dog leash.  I stepped closer to block them as the cord grew taut, watching the cord slice into the front and side of my shin.

I didn't think the cut looked that terribly bad until I started getting frequent comments over the next week.  What did you do to your leg?  Is that a burn?  Man, you look like you were branded.

Joel told me my calf appeared like a tribal tattoo gone bad.  A friend suggested that it looked as if I had attempted to cut off my lower leg with a hacksaw (a description that paints a lovely word picture, does it not?)

Even though it's past the nasty, seeping wound stage and seems to be healing well, I still get a surprising amount of unsolicited advice about wound care and what lotions minimize scarring when I'm out in public.

I think I'll end up with a scar regardless, so I'm considering taking a Sharpie marker and writing "hero" on my calf above the cut.  Just for now.

Just in case anyone wants to know how I braved personal injury to save a yard full of innocent children from hurtling danger without even dropping my plate of chips and salsa.  I'm that good.

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  1. You are a hero!! What will be a minor scar, could have been horrible for those kids that could have been seriously hurt.

    You took one for the team!!

  2. I'll bet it never even crossed your mind that you might get hurt and to not do it. You are the absolute mother....anything it takes. Bravo!


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