Short and Sweet: Improbable

A mathematical probability that I can't figure out in 100 or fewer words:

It's safe to assume that Brooke has a 50-50 chance of putting her shoes on the correct feet each morning.  It's like a true and false test.  The odds are equal.

Why is it, then, that she only wears the left shoe on her left foot and the right shoe on her right foot 25 percent of the time?

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  1. Doesn't the "kid" variable negate any logical outcome?
    It is what I have found.

  2. AnonymousJune 08, 2011

    Hi! I just recently found your blog. Anyway, when my son was learning how to put his shoes on the correct feet, I wrote "Za" in one shoe and "ch" in the other. Then he lined up his name and got his shoes on the right feet!

    Love your blog- your girls are adorable!
    Kristen from WI

  3. Jennifer, so aptly said.
    Kristen, that idea is beyond brilliant.

  4. Hey I just found your blog...

    Haha... Is it sad that my head started to spin just a TAD at that little bit of math? Not my forte.

  5. I agree with you about what Kristen said. That is brilliant. Too bad Dudette has that down. Now I can't use the idea. :)


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