Real People Food

Although I've guided two other children through this stage, I still feel as if I don't know what I'm doing when a child transitions from baby food to "real people" food, as we are currently attempting with Kerrington.

How do you move a little person who's eaten nothing but pureed fruits and vegetables into a little person who gnaws corn on the cob, bites into pizza, and crunches an apple?  I know that it happens, I just don't quite recall how.

Right now, we've upgraded the bib.  Gone are the soft cotton ones appropriate for mere baby food, dripping milk, and drool, and in their place is a waterproof, plastic one large enough to be mistaken for full body armor when I velcro it around her neck.

At meals I quarter blueberries, tear bread into bitty pieces, and break a slice of cheese into minuscule bites.  Unlike when she ate baby food, I have no accurate sense of how much she actually ingests.  This is especially true when I lift her from the high chair and find twelve smashed pieces of watermelon in the pocket of her bib and wads of bread adhered to her pants.

I know we'll figure it out.  For now we'll stick with the tiny bites and avoid the notorious choking hazard foods -- whole grapes, raisins, hot dogs, and the like.  One day she'll be just like the others: eating chicken nuggets, chewing gummy snacks, and biting into a peach that will drip down her chin and onto her shirt that's no longer protected by the body armor bib.

We'll get there.

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  1. Raisins are only a choking hazard if you're wealthy enough to buy raisins big as grapes. Watermelon is more dangerous in my book. Gave Baby Charleigh a bite of my watermelon on Sunday, and--next thing I knew--she was gagging. Flipped her on her belly and started beating her on the back, and the nurse beside me leapt to her feet. Scary moment, lmtellya. Then Clementine decided to lean off the side of her pool raft for a boat and took a head-first dive. I was so glad to get home with live children.


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