Three Hundred Sixty Five

It's birthday season in our household.  In less than one month, we celebrate the birthdays of four out of five family members.  I'm the one outlier who was born in March.

Ultimately, this clustering of birthdays means that from mid-April to mid-May, I never take this banner down.

It's one perpetual party.

And today's specific celebration zeros in on Kerrington, our littlest peanut, who has been with our family for 365 days.

In one year she's grown from this swaddled bundle:

to this bright-eyed little little one who not only colors on our screen door with chalk, but also attempts to conceal the evidence by eating the chalk when finished drawing with it.

She is such a keeper.  We can't imagine our world without her.  Happy birthday, little one.

And tomorrow, we can take down our banner.

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  1. Happy birthday Kerrington!

  2. Happy Birthday to your little girl! I am a new follower- love your blog! I am expecting my first baby girl in about 7 weeks. She will also be born during a time of lots of celebration- my husband, father-in-law, mother and me will most likely have birthdays within a month of hers!

  3. Happy Birthday! I remember my little girl's first bday too (she is only 15 months now) and I couldn't believe it! I love your blog, just ready through a ton of posts. I am following you now, and would love for you to check out my blog!

  4. Happy Birthday, little beauty!!! Lots of love from over here at MUTBSP :)


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