Not That We're Competitive

Our family is a little competitive.  Just a tad.  We don't always compete over significant matters, either, as evidenced during our conversation while cleaning up the kitchen after dinner tonight.

Reese:  "Have you ever opened the dishwasher with just one finger?  Because I just opened the dishwasher with just one finger."

Joel:  "No, never with just one finger."

Me:  "Me neither.  But I have opened it with my foot."

Joel:  "And I've opened it with my elbow."

Me:  "Really?  Well, I've opened it with my eyelashes."

Joel:  "Once I looked at the dishwasher and it opened."

Me:  "Once I just thought about opening the dishwasher and it opened."

Joel:  "I don't even need to think about the dishwasher for it to open for me."

Me:  "That's because I was the one who had thought about it."

Note that Reese, the originator of the conversation, appears nowhere in the remainder of the dialogue.   Poor kid.  It's hard to dance with the best.

Not that I'm competitive, though.

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  1. Sounds like a healthy competition among siblings.

  2. LOL I love listening to kids "competing" like that. My nephews and nieces are a competitive bunch and talks like this always amuse the entire family. :)

  3. How cute! I love it! Thank you so much for sharing this. I enjoy reading your post's and btw I am your newest follower.



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