How To Clean a Microwave

Given my recent extended cleaning sprees, I thought that I could share a household tip.  The easiest way to clean a microwave is to fill a small microwave-safe bowl with water, add a squirt of lemon juice, and then microwave it on high for five minutes.  Keep the microwave closed for a minute or so after the timer buzzes.

The steam loosens any caked-on splatter.  The lemon freshens.  All you need to do is wipe the microwave clean with a damp cloth, no elbow grease required.

* This method was tested when I returned from church today.  I accidentally exploded leftovers in the microwave while rushing to feed the girls before the little ones napped.  Worked like a charm.


  1. I used that method several times - it works miracles!!! :)

  2. Yup, I do that one too. Usually it's the Hubby that gets lazy and forgets to cover a bowl of chili with a paper towel. Great tip though. Keep them coming.


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