Springing Ahead with Creative Food

The clocks have sprung us forward into a blessed extra hour of daylight, the nine inches of snow have melted, and I saw my first robin of the year.  Spring is on its way.

As the weather gradually improves, my desire to eat well and exercise increases.  We've made it through the series of holidays that revolve primarily around food (drat!), and the slightly warmer temperatures (tropical 40's) encourages me to shed layers and the cast off the desire to hibernate.

We'll be reaching the point when we won't have to bundle ourselves to go outside, when the kids can run in the yard rather than treading laps around the kitchen island, and when the back screen door accidentally will be left open on a daily basis, enabling one fly to gain permanent residence in our house until we win the battle and shoosh it out the door, only to realize that another one has taken its place a moment later.

In the interim, we're just waiting.  Although I'm starting to crave watermelon, local cantaloupe, and our home-grown raspberries, tomatoes, and zucchini, I try to make our current selection of produce more exciting for the kids.

Pear and banana slices might be getting old, but Juicy Pear Hair Guy was a hit for lunch last week.


Blossoming flowers proved to be an acceptable snack:

And pinwheels made out of apple slices, peanut butter, and a dollop of jelly was well-received, especially when I stuck a toothpick into each apple.  I don't fully understand the draw to toothpicks as utensils, but my kids love them.

I'm just thankful that jelly was the requested condiment for the flower's center, rather than barbeque sauce or ketchup, as has been known to occur.

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  1. love the food designs. I am so ready for spring... weather is finally getting there. I am going to cross my fingers for more outside days this week!

  2. I can't ever let Dudette see those food creations or her expectations will rise. You're just too creative!

  3. I found you on TMB.com. I love your posts! I also have a blog at www.fwmomtalk.blogspot.com and would love it if you would like to follow me as well.

    Lyric :)


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