Short and Sweet: Saturated

Yesterday's lesson in 100 or fewer words:

It's not advisable to put a diaper in the washing machine.

As I removed the wet laundry, I realized that everything was coated with slimy crystals that had burst from a diaper, now bloated and saturated, that had made its way into our washer the way an invasive species infiltrates a new location: stealth.

My guess is that Brooke, who despite the inauspicious start to potty training now always wears underwear except for sleeping, tugged her diaper off with her pajamas one morning and tossed them into the laundry basket.

Now everything looks like this:

Hello, lint brush.

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  1. It made me wince and I feel your pain.

  2. This just happened to me two days ago! My five year old (for some unknown reason) decided to wear a pull up to bed and it ended up in the washer. It wasn't nearly as bad as a diaper, but I feel your pain!

  3. Oh. My lesson from today, in 100 words or less: keep deodorant out of the two-year-old's reach. Her clothes, hair, and breath! now smell like deodorant. But the woman I spoke with at poison control said my daughter will be ok. My response? "I figured; she's too mean for anything terrible to happen to her." On the other end? Dead silence.


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