Chicken Leg in My Bathtub

Title:  Chicken Leg in My Bathtub

Subtitle:  This was the scene when I drew back the shower curtain today.  If these toys could talk, they'd have such random journeys to report.

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  1. I have found kitchen spoons and socks in the tub - among other things. . . but never a chicken leg! By the way, I am impressed at the cleanliness of your tub.

  2. We were probably sisters in a past life. I'm just saying.

    This photo, with it's title?

    Can't stop snickering.

  3. I'm also impressed with the state of your tub!

  4. My daughter Havyn decided to carry around a toy chicken leg (like this one) and a toy ice cream cone for a week when she was 2 years old. We even made a song about it that she loved to dance too. Chicken Legs - the hottest toy of 2011!


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