And Good Morning to You, Too

I swear that my two oldest daughters' internal clocks are rigged.  There must be some malfunctioning cerebral mechanism that forces them cast off slumber and commence fully-alert conversation as soon as the clock strikes 6:20 in the morning. 

Yesterday, Reese was the first one in my room.  She approached the side of my bed, leaned in closely, and whispered in that louder-than-regular-talking whisper in which children excel, "Mom!  Is it really true that our national bird is an eagle?"

Are you serious?  This is the question that couldn't wait until after breakfast?

Brooke stumbled in next, climbed onto the nightstand, and clumsily flopped beside me.  I pulled the covers over her.  "I still have all my fingers.  Look," she said as she swept her hands back and forth in front of my eyes. "My fingers are all still on my hands."

Well, that's a relief.

What must these girls dream about to start their days this way?

I don't often remember my dreams upon waking, but after staying up late to work this past weekend I dreamed that I had been grading essays and commenting on them with a purple colored pencil.  If I got all Freudian on you, I bet I could concoct some deeper interpretation about my inner struggles to balance my home and work responsibilities, blah, blah, blah.

But national birds?  And fingers still being attached?  I have no interpretations for that.

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  1. Oh my-I feel your pain. But those questions-wow, random! Love it! Of course I love it because my children are still too young to ask questions like that. . . .they instead scream with glee in my ear as I try to coax her back to sleep in bed with us or ask incessantly what the schedule is for today, "Are we going to Mary's?", "Can we watch cartoons?" "Let's get up!" - seriously all things I would love to be aked at a much later hour.

  2. Yup, I feel your pain too. Of course, having Dudette crawl up in bed with me is much more preferable to my hearing her tromp down the hall (what is it with a 4 year-old being able to walk like a 50-ton elephant anyhow?) to do who-knows-what in who-knows-which room. Which gets me out of bed, instead of just awake.

  3. my son likes to wake up at 5 am and wake me enough that i am AWAKE and then fall back asleep in my bed or the couch or etc. Of course when I finally fall back asleep he will wake up 10 mins later

  4. Evil wakes up and wants to know why it is still dark outside. Gee, good question!

  5. My little girl is only 8 weeks old, so generally her morning wake up call starts with whimpers. BUT, I babysat my 6 year old sister-in-law the other day and at like six thirty in the morning she proudly (and very loudly) announced that my husband had forgotten to lock the front door on his way to work. I had no intention of waking up so early. lol


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