Stairway to Seven?

Although I don't currently live there, I was born in raised in Pittsburgh.  People from Pittsburgh take their football seriously.  If you need proof of this, know that one hospital there has been swaddling its newborns in Terrible Towels.  We start 'em young.  Read about it here -- it's entirely worth a minute.

Our family has enjoyed an impressive connection with Steelers football, too.  So far we're two for two, meaning that each year we've had a baby, the Steelers have won the Super Bowl.  (I'm patting myself on the back right now.  Clearly, my husband and I have had a lot to do with their success.)

No pressure here, but tonight will make or break my theory that when my babies wear jerseys, our team gets a ring.  One for the thumb = Reese, and the six pack = Brooke.  Tonight we'll see if the Stairway to Seven = Kerrington.

If so, the Steelers might want to consider wiring us a lucrative bonus.  I'm only partially joking.

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  1. I knew there was a reason I liked you so much. Of course, being from Chicago the Bears were my first choice, and being from Chicago I'd go for anyone BUT the Packers, but those two things aside, I LOVE the Steelers. Specifically I have a huge crush on Troy Polamalu (it's ok, Hubby knows).


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