Short and Sweet: Sixty-Four Degrees

Today's pressing question in 100 or fewer words:

According to the thermometer on my car's dashboard, it reached 64 degrees today.  This bears repeating:  Sixty-four degrees.  In February! 

Pedestrians sauntered.  Joggers hustled past in shorts and tee-shirts.  Students played frisbee, neighbors took walks, and above all, people smiled like we've emerged from a deep, dark cave and been reintroduced to the finer sensory details of birds chirping, a pleasant breeze, and the lilt of overheard, meandering conversation.

It made me wonder:  Do we really look this alive and vibrant for the duration of spring and summer, or is this reserved for those rare sixty-four degree days in February?


  1. Check back in the summer when everyone is sweating buckets through their tank tops and hiding from the sun under trees on the HUB lawn. We won't look so joyous at that point...

  2. I'm from Texas, we get our beauty for about 2 to 3 weeks and then it's HOT!

    Working with our Kid Min we have to cherish our beautiful weather while we can.


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