Short and Sweet: Inaccurate Rendering

Today's favorite inaccurate rendering of an event in 100 or fewer words:

The temperature rose into the low 40's today, making the day pleasantly balmy.  My daughter's school capitalized on this and practiced a fire drill.  Obviously it was a highlight of her day since she immediately talked about it when stepped off the bus.

"Mom, today we had a fire drill and everyone went outside without any clothes!"  She kicked a melting pile of crusted snow, chipping at it with her boot.

"Honey, do you mean that you went outside without any jackets?"

"Oh, yeah.  Without jackets."

I'm happy for the clarification.  It's a pretty important distinction.


  1. Posts like this (normally about Reese...) always get a laugh-out-loud. I feel like I'm standing right there to witness it.

  2. Thank you for the morning chuckle. I love how often that happens here.

  3. I love having to de-code their stories! Too cute!


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