Lingering Winter

Less than one week ago it was sixty-four degrees.  As I trudged through slush this morning, I could only think, Oh, how the mighty have fallen.  Yesterday school was canceled for inclement weather.  This morning another snowstorm caused a a two-hour delay.

After being cooped up all winter, snow days are no longer welcome.  They result in kids who burn off energy through behaviors like this:

The cape is optional, but it adds a nice touch, doesn't it?

The good news is that yesterday our neighbor still trucked through the snow to deliver the three boxes of Girl Scout cookies that we had purchased.  The bad news is that we've collectively gained 17 pounds as a family.

The other good news is that today's sunshine is brilliant.  If I would talk to my parents, who happen to be vacationing in Florida as I type, I could join in their conversation -- not regarding shady lanais, impressive alligators, emerging tan lines, or the ibis that just flew past -- but rather of our collective need to wear sunglasses.

Granted, my sunglasses are preventing blindness as the sun reflects off of an expanse of white snow, but I'll take it.  Come, spring, come.


  1. I'm in Mid-Michigan covered in 10 inches of snow trapped in my house with a restless husband and two kids. My mom sent me a text at 8:45pm tonight that said it's 76 degrees here and we are at Epcot waiting for the Disney Parade to start at 9, what are you doing? Thanks mom!

  2. You've got to love that...

    Classic example!

  3. I work to not be extremely envious of all the people I know who either just returned, are on, or are leaving soon for tropical vacations. . . Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Florida, etc. All the while I am in frigid Minnesota where if it is above zero I am happy - ugh. Ready for spring.


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