Short and Sweet: Just the Cold, Hard Facts

Today's best factual response to my impassioned plea to wear more clothes in 100 or fewer words:

I'm attempting to clothe the girls.  Brooke wears only a dress with the sleeves rolled up.  No tights.  No socks.  Like a human furnace, she cannot tolerate excessive clothing, which is why she strips off her jacket the instant we reach any destination and why the entrance to our house is always littered with her discarded apparel.

Reese wears a sleeveless leotard and leggings.  At least put another shirt on top, I reason.  It's seven degrees outside.

She looks at me.  "Actually, it's twelve degrees."

Ah, a heat wave.  Now the lack of sleeves makes much more sense.


  1. I have a child that is a furnace. I always think "I bet the other parents think I am awful" as he jumps out of the car in freezing weather sans coat. I pack it in his backpack but it never comes out.

  2. I got so tired of fighting over it, I just removed everything from Dudette's room that she's not allowed to wear right now. She couldn't find short sleeves or shorts if her life depended on it. :)

    We are also having ongoing discussions about the need to correct everything. It's very hard to do when you're smiling over what they say, eh?

  3. Mom Chef, so, so true! (And that's a good strategy to hide the clothing not permitted.) Jen, oh, I totally get this.


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