Interview in a Closet

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be interviewed on BlogTalkRadio by Paola Deininger of MommyTLC.  If this sounds glamorous, you need to recognize that the interview was conducted on the phone, which means that I was at home (which also means that I had locked myself in my bedroom closet to avoid being interrupted by my kids, and consequentially, was sitting next to a laundry basket full of dirty clothes.)

At any rate, Paola is the founder of MommyTLC, and since we've begun talking I've found her to be a genuine and interesting woman and fellow mother, one who has been extremely supportive of Pink Dryer Lint.

In the midst of the interview we ran into a technical glitch that resulted in 30 seconds of "off-air" silence.  I sat next to my laundry basket speculating that this probably wasn't the best way to launch a live interview with BlogTalkRadio and wondering why no one seems to use spaces between their words anymore, but otherwise, once we reconnected, Paola and I make a pretty coherent duo.

We particularly spoke about the post titled The First Last, which happens to be one of my sentimental favorites, too.

Check out the interview from the closet here, if you wish, and learn everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about Pink Dryer Lint.


  1. Neat!

    (And man, it's so tough to get some quiet phone time with kids. I'll go to great lengths to come up with good excuses for my clients as to why e-mail consultations are better than phone... but really it's just so the screams will only be heard by me, and not by the client!)

    -Karinya @ Unlikely Origins

  2. And I thought I was the only parent who made business calls while hiding.

    I can't tell you how many times I have left my children with a bag of chocolate or a pack of gum and then hid in the bathroom to try to find five minutes of quiet on the phone.

    It never works, though. Children can smell when you need a couple of minutes to yourself.

    Nothing brings pandemonium to an otherwise quiet household like mommy having to take an important phone call.

  3. Jodi-Lynn, you nailed it. "Pandemonium" is honestly the perfect word here!


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