In Plain Sight

Every time she hears the garage door open, Brooke's mind becomes one-tracked.  No matter what she's doing -- eating, coloring, playing puzzles -- once this audible cue of someone's entrance into the house is detected, she is bent on one thing, and one thing only.

She's going to hide.

In Brooke's world, this means that she's going to run haphazardly around the room like an errant pinball as she decides whether she should climb behind the chair, shimmy under a blanket, or crawl under the table.

The best part?  As soon as the person enters the house, she yells out, "I'm hiding!"

What she lacks in being inconspicuous, she makes up for in being cute.

While playing hide-and-seek, she's the kid who who will answer the seeker's hypothetical questions, "Hmm... Now where ARE you?" with a cheerful, "I'm here!" as she climbs out of her hiding spot.  She's the kid who thinks you can't see her when she covers her eyes.

She's my little poster child for hiding in plain sight.


  1. Moments like this one are what make me so excited for my little girl to grow up. Precious!

  2. Thanks for commenting, Joy! It's true, the older the get, the more amazing things they do. :)

  3. I found you on Top Mommy Blogs and am now your newest follower. What a precious story.

  4. Barbara, welcome! I'm so glad that you've enjoyed what you've read and that you're following. Thanks so much!


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