Title:  Bundled

Subtitle:  Representing 20 minutes of wrangling children into snowsuits, 25 minutes of outdoor play, one minute of Brooke flailing her arms and legs like a potato bug when she ended up on her back in the snow before righting herself, and an eventual array of wet, discarded clothing down the hallway.  Ah, winter.  So worth it.


  1. I am currently doing two loads of laundry because we went and played in the snow.

    4 people + 3 layers of clothing = 2 loads of laundry

  2. You had no mention of one of the children needing to use the bathroom as soon as she's all bundled up. There's always an upside! The photo is adorable and an excellent reminder of why I moved south. :)

  3. The 2 loads of laundry sounds just about right. That math is at work in our house, too. ;)

    Mom Chef, we took great precautions to avoid the obligatory bathroom request... but so true! (I guess no snowsuits are needed in the south, huh?)

  4. hahahahhahahahaha. we have snow on the way! Great website!

  5. You forgot the 20 minutes it takes to get the kids out of the wet clothes ... the 10 minutes it takes to get it all thrown in the dryer ... and the 15 minutes it takes to get it all put away once the dryer buzzer goes off.

    Gotta love snow days. *giggle*


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