Today's Clear-Cut Winner: Potty Training

We're officially potty training.  Although I think Brooke's been ready, I've been hesitant to start the process during the throes of the semester when Joel and I balance childcare while the other is working on campus.  (Ever see tag-team professional wresting?  That's how we operate during the semester.  One of us enters the ring and the other leaves.  We don't high five nearly enough, though, which really is quite a shame.)  Plus, I've been a little lazy.  The thought of inserting bathroom breaks in a quick trip across town does this to you.

But now we're ready.  The semester is nearly finished, and we'll have more time.  Brooke is showing interest.  The potty training stars have aligned, and I'm seizing the opportunity.  There's no time like the present.

At least, that's what I thought earlier this morning.  She had been carrying a walkie-talkie around the house, and I let her continue holding it while she climbed onto the potty.

As I squatted next to her on the balls of my feet and waited, a quick thought flitted across my mind, "Maybe playing with the walkie-talkie isn't such a good idea when she's in the bathroom." 

I have these kinds of thoughts all the time.  An urgent "Where are my car keys?" as I'm slamming the car door shut, locked.  An inquisitive, "I wonder what they're up to?" as Reese and Brooke are playing silently in the bathroom and painting their faces with lip gloss as if they were Army troops decked out in full face camouflage.  A pressing, "What time is it?" as I look up to the clock from a pile of grading and realize I have roughly 30 seconds to make it to the bus stop to pick up Reese.

Precisely after my cautionary thought, that's when it happened.  That's when Brooke's grip slipped and our walkie-talkie boldly went where no walkie-talkie has gone before.

The walkie-talkie has now been sanitized and is drying on our bathroom sink.

Only time will tell if a fully-submerged walkie-talkie will ever function again.  Actually, only time will tell if anyone would ever want to use a walkie-talkie that's been fully submerged.

As of today, the tally is clear.  Potty training 1.  Robin 0.


  1. LOL, amazing post! Good luck with the potty training; hope to see the tally fall more in your favor!


  2. Thank you, Morgan! I'm hoping so, too (as are all other household electronics and gizmos.) ;)


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