Surviving Swan Lake

My mother-in-law sent me a clip of the Great Chinese State Circus' performance of Swan Lake so I could show the girls.  (Really, you have to take a few minutes to watch the clip before you read any further.  It's worth it.)

It's jaw-dropping.  I found the performance simultaneously beautiful and subtly unnerving: how does someone move in that manner and maintain such pristine composure?  Impossible.  Utterly impossible.  This brief video represents lifetimes of discipline to the study of dance for these performers, and here I am sitting on the couch watching it on YouTube.  Something seems off.

At any rate, the next day I showed the clip to the girls.  Brooke watched it, stepped into the center of the room, and twirled.  Reese was more vocal.  "Wow," she breathed slowly. 

"Did you like it?" I asked when the video was finished.

She nodded emphatically.

Then she paused for just one moment, looked over toward Joel with her eyebrow raised in expectation, and asked, "Hey Daddy, do you think we could try that?"

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