Baby Jesus is Missing

Always mesmerized by Christmas and all that it entails, my daughters have been playing with a set of nesting figurines that depict the story of the nativity.  When we opened the box of decorations, Reese carefully pulled each character out from the previous, excited when she got to the center of it all: "It's Baby Jesus!"

She lined them up on a shelf for display.  As I passed by the shelf over the next day, every so often I noticed that the dolls were in a different configuration.  Then I noticed something else.  Baby Jesus was missing. 

We had lost God.  That's never good.

I quickly searched under the couch and sifted through piles of toys to make sure that Baby Jesus didn't become a choking hazard or accidentally get sucked up in the vacuum.  He was perfectly safe when I found Him.  Brooke, sweet child that she is, obviously wanted our little Jesus to have better accommodations than His original lodging in the manger.


  1. I wish I could think of something clever to say here, but I got nothin'...but I still wanted to comment simply to say that I love love love baby Jesus' new accommodations. :)

  2. When my daughter was 3, we would always find all the baby Jesus' from the nativities in her pocket. She told us she likes to keep him near. So our baby Jesus is in his stable, but held by precious hands!

    On a side note, we lost Mary one Christmas. I figured she got lost between church nursery and daycare. When we moved that next August, the movers cleaned out our couch (they said its standard procedure) and found her along with an old sock, an old peanut butter spoon, and some random snack pieces. So maybe Mary was looking for Jesus ...

  3. I love the visual of your daughter holding little baby Jesus's in her pocket. And your story just goes to show you that you'll never know what you'll find in your couch cushions.


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