Short and Sweet: Splattered

An observation on today's lunch in 100 or fewer words or less:

Kerrington is rapidly nearing six months.  Like most babies her age, she's drooly.  We think she might be teething.  On top of this, today she blew raspberries for the first time.  This newfound ability adds a heightened level of liquidity to encounters with her -- and provides a new mental picture for the phrase foaming at the mouth.

What I especially admire is that Kerrington didn't just blow raspberries.  That would be mere child's play.  She blew raspberries while eating her rice cereal.  I considered wearing a poncho.

Everything worth doing, even splattering, is worth overdoing.

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  1. Lol. Cute story! Have you found any new tips for teething in the last several months? I am about to do this again with baby #2 but it has been several years now and it's funny how you forget. This Mom's Guide on caring for little teeth has been helpful -


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