The Extra Hour

Although I've never been fond of the sun setting earlier, I love the day that we fall back for Daylight Savings.  It's one day during the year when you feel ahead of the game, a day when you are given the gift of an extra hour to use at your discretion.  Plus, as of today, my watch (which has been off by one hour for the past six months) is once again on time.

It's genius.  Thank you, Ben Franklin. 

The only glitch -- and it's a sizeable glitch -- is that you cannot reason with children to sleep in an extra hour.  They are perfectly content to wake at 5:30 in the morning, totally disregarding the pitch-blackness outdoors, and the bleary-eyed parents must spend the rest of the day tweaking the schedule to get everyone back on track.

Franklin proposed the idea of Daylight Savings at the age of 78, which makes sense.  By then, his children were fully grown.

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