Displaced Responsibility

Kerrington, now two weeks past the sixth-month marker, may be losing her standing as the child in the household who is never responsible for messes and problems.  She clenches hair and grabs at people's faces with those inquisitive fingers of hers, a practice that everyone in our household can tolerate with one exception.

That exception is Brooke.  At two-years-old, Brooke is observant enough to be cognizant of Kerrington's newfound baby antics, but she's not quite old enough to be gracious about them.  She's getting kind of chippy.  She's starting to blame the baby for things.

A tower of blocks gets knocked over.  Brooke is quick to identify the culprit.  Kerrington did it.  Books are scattered across the floor.  Stop it, Kerrington.  Who spilled the water on the kitchen floor?  Of course.  It was Kerrington.

In Brooke's mind, it doesn't matter that Kerrington wasn't in the room -- or even awake -- during these moments of deviance. 

I'm actually impressed.  For a baby who doesn't yet crawl, Kerrington sure does get around.

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