Dress Code

My husband got the girls dressed the other morning, and Brooke, our two-and-a-half-year-old, looked especially cute when she emerged from her room.  Now, this kid's default is cute, but there was something special this day, some extra adorableness, but I couldn't put my finger on it until I noticed that she was wearing jeans.

This little girl has been alive for nearly 900 days, and to my knowledge, this was the first time she's ever worn jeans.

She has lived the duration of her life in stretchy pants, stretchy shorts, and an occasional dress with tights during special occasions.  While she was a baby, a complete outfit was a onesie (we rarely bothered to add pants) unless it was cold and we snapped her into sleeper pajamas for the day, changing her into another sleeper when she spit on herself or a day had passed.

Talk about the luxury of comfort.

Since her inaugural day in jeans she's been dressed in her customary stretchy pants.  I'm sure that we'll pull out the jeans again and I'll be impressed with just how adorable it is to see a still-diapered bottom in such a tiny expanse of denim, but for the day-to-day dress code, comfort reigns.

There's such a short window in life when you can pull off pajamas or sweats each and every day with aplomb, so I'm going to let these girls enjoy it fully.

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