Three Days Down

I love the simplicity of kids.  At this point, Reese has now spent three full days in kindergarten.  Even though we don't want to bombard her with questions once she steps off the bus, I love hearing about what she considers important in her day. 

How was riding on the bus?  Very wobbly.  (A legitimate literal answer, no?)

Did you get to make any new friends?  Yeah, but I don't really know their names.  It's a long day.  It's pretty easy for a kid to get confused.

How was recess?  Good. Did you know that a girl was on the monkey bars and she could hang upside down without using her hands?  And that her shoes fell off?  And that she couldn't get down because she didn't have her shoes?  And that I picked them up for her?

Which, of course, I didn't, so I listened as she filled me in on essential details like the type of shoes the girl wore, the location of the monkey bars, and who she thought the girl looked like even though it really wasn't that girl, just someone who looked like that girl, especially when she was hanging upside down.  Have I mentioned recently that our conversations are not very streamlined?

So, we've survived the first week.  We've started the habit of laying out clothes for the next day.  I've sifted through most of the literature from the Parent Teacher Organization, amazed that I've come to the point in life where I'm included in this demographic and slightly terrified by the sheer number of opportunities for volunteerism.  Seventeen different ways to serve?  Really?  (I am so unprepared for this aspect of parenthood.)

Brooke, who carried a lunch box to the bus stop and then broke down as the school bus pulled away, came to me later and shared, "Reesie go to school now.  I cry a lot."  Her little world has changed, too.  Just like all other families with a member who newly has joined the ranks of school, we're adjusting.

And considering that there are just three days down, I'd say we're adjusting well.

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