It’s counterintuitive that adding one more child into the mix would lessen the workload for a parent, but this seems to be the case when you invite a friend of your child over to play. Sure, there are more kids, but what you lose in the adult-to-child ratio, you gain in free time considering that you are no longer the most desired playmate in the house. Win-win.

Recently we had the pleasure of having one of Reese’s friends visit. She’s one of the sweetest little girls I’ve met. I couldn’t help but listen as the two of them talked with one another, smiling to myself as they discussed what was most important in their lives.

Reese’s friend had learned to snap. She told Reese, “I practiced and practiced in my room. No one knew. It was just my little secret. And then I snapped!” (She doesn’t quite articulate her l’s, so it came out as “yittle secret,” which I simply love. I spoke the exact same way as a child.)

Reese is mesmerized with the snapping – and determined. She spends the next few minutes running her thumb over her fingers as her friend coaches and advises her to keep practicing. Then Reese demonstrates her whistling skills and suggests that they start a band. “I’ll whistle and you’ll snap,” she offers. Her friend agrees.

Clearly, they’re equally impressed with each other’s talents, and they spend the next few minutes talking about what they’ll achieve. After being in the band, her friend says that she’s going to be a gymnastics champion. And a dance champion. Reese chimes in that she’ll win the Word Cup.

You do that, you yittle girls. You do that.

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  1. Robin,

    I really enjoyed reading your work! You are so talented. I also ponder as to what Jarrod and I used to do before children....I STILL do not know. But it does get easier as your children grow older. I promise you!



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