Uncapped Sharpie Marker

Title: Uncapped Sharpie Marker

Subtitle: Although I've never negotiated a hostage situation, I imagine that the process would be similar to finding a child with an uncapped Sharpie. No sudden movements. A slow and steady speaking rate. Phrases like, "Hand it over to me and nobody gets hurt."

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  1. Oh my goodness, when I saw the photo in my feed, I actually thought, can my stomach handle the stress of reading this?!

    Thank goodness it was an intervention post as opposed to a recovering from disaster post.

    My stomach still hurt... from laughter.

    Thanks for sharing Robin.

    1. Oh goodness! YES -- intervention is vastly superior over recovery from disaster! The Kramer family dodged a bullet today...

  2. Ha! Just the picture envied fear and visions of disaster!


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